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LaSalle Library Collecting Eclipse Glasses for Kids Around the World

Give your eclipse glasses a second chance! The LaSalle Public Library is working with Astronomers Without Borders and Explore Scientific to collect eclipse glasses for use by students in South America and Asia, when eclipses cross those continents in 2019.   Those two solar events--a total solar eclipse in southern South America and an annular eclipse (where the Moon doesn't quite cover the whole Sun) in southeastern Asia--will be seen by many who are in the eclipse path, and by millions more who will experience a partial eclipse throughout most of South America and southern Asia.  Students, who will be able to witness these events, often will not have access or resources to get eclipse viewing glasses.  To keep the science going, Astronomers Without Borders and Explore Scientific will collect, safety check and ship "second chance" eclipse glasses through volunteer networks to schools in these regions.

Trusted partners and astronomy enthusiasts, already providing educational outreach around the world, through support of schools internationally, for the benefit of the teachers, students, and the development of their countries will distribute the glasses free of charge, and will provide safety instruction to students.  

You can be part of this global assistance program.  Simply drop off your eclipse glasses at the downstairs desk at the LaSalle Public Library; from there, the Library will see to it that the donated glasses reach Astronomers Without Borders. The Library is located at 305 Marquette, LaSalle.  For more information, please call the Library at 815-223-2341.